Posts relating to the JavaCC roadmap for future development

New Feature: The =>|| delimiter stands for “scan up to here”

Revisiting LOOKAHEAD Redux Not so long ago, I had a sort of eureka moment when I realized that the legacy LOOKAHEAD construct was fundamentally half-baked or broken. Not only that, but I started narrowing in on how to definitely address the issue! Well, let’s get concrete. Suppose we have a production that looks kind of like this: FooBar : …

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Straightforward LOOKAHEAD Enhancements

A couple of weeks ago, I implemented a solution to a longstanding Dmitry Dmitriyevich problem with LOOKAHEAD specifications in JavaCC. Dmitry Dmitriyevich (alternatively Ivan Ivanovich or Vladimir Vladimirovich) is my own personal terminology for situations where you are required to write highly repetitive code. (Patriotic Irishmen are welcome to call this the Patrick Fitzpatrick or Gerald …

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