The Congo Parser Generator

The Congo Parser Generator is a Recursive Descent Parser Generator that generates code in Java, Python, and C#.

Here are some highlights:


Congo contains complete, up-to-date grammars for:

Any of these grammars may be freely used in your own projects, though it would be nice if you acknowledge the use and provide a link to this project. The above-linked grammars also can be studied as examples. (Best would be to start with the JSON grammar, move on to Lua, then Python, Java, and C# in order of complexity.)

Cutting Edge Features

CongoCC has some features that, to the best of our knowledge are not in most (or possibly any) competing tools, such as:

CongoCC also supports fault-tolerant parsing that is admittedly in an unpolished, experimental stage, but basically usable.

If you are interested in this project, either as a user or developer, by all means sign up on our Discussion Forum and post any questions or suggestions there.

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