Does anybody have any ideas about naming of the upcoming release?

I am tentatively calling this FreeMarker NG, for FreeMarker Next Generation. I was toying with other names such as FreeStyle, or FreeWriter, and things like this, but finally, I think that the FreeMarker name has enough general recognition that it should be in the name of the forked project. Of course, i am to all intents and purposes the original author. (There was a FreeMarker 1.x but really FreeMarker 2 was a ground-up rewrite and you would be hard pressed to find a single line of code in the current codebase that was written by any FreeMarker 1.x author.) Meanwhile, very little has been done on FreeMarker in the last decade, so the parsing/rendering code in “Apache FreeMarker” is still my code basically. Unfortunately, I am now in the position of creating a fork of my own software project!

Anyway, I created this topic just in case anybody has any ideas on naming, or actually, just the question of placement and visibility generally.

Here is a reply to my own question. The radical new name of the upcoming FreeMarker 3 release will be… (drumroll)…


That’s it. Not FreeMarker NG or any of it. Just FreeMarker. Some people might say that this creates a confusion between this project and the one on Apache, you know… Apache FreeMarker but I don’t think so.

My view is that, moving forward, there will be no more confusion between Apache FreeMarker and FreeMarker than there is between the Special Olympics and the Olympics.