About the Web/Docs category

I am creating this discussion category primarily for people who are interested in contributing text content, i.e. documentation and web pages.

Category for discussion of the broad guidelines (not yet established!) for contributions to documentation and web pages.

There are two broad categories of question here. There is the question of what “documentation standards” we’re going to have. Since it stands to reason (I think) that we need some plain text format that we will put under version control, (i.e. not use Microsoft Word format, say…) I think a lot of this starts with various fuzzy (as-yet unresolved) questions about the various so-called “lightweight markup languages”, of which Markdown is by far the most well known.

Of course, these are questions about the preferred form or format of any documentation, which can (hopefully) be concretely resolved in a certain period of time. We’ll also need to discuss content, i.e. the approach that the various reference/tutorial materials that take form. That is a more open-ended question, of course.